Field and Goldberg, LLC is a boutique real estate law firm practicing exclusively in the areas of real estate taxation, real estate transactions, and real estate litigation.


We will not staff your matters with layers upon layers of lawyers, prepare endless memos to the file, or run up unnecessary expenses. Instead, your matters will be handled in the most cost effective manner possible. We staff projects on a “lean and mean” basis; we use experienced real estate paralegals to handle routine tasks and we try to take the surprise out of our bills by working with you at the outset of our representation to establish a budget that you can live with. Additionally, our real estate tax work is typically handled on a contingent fee basis—you will not pay a penny in fees unless we are successful in reducing your taxes.

Promises mean nothing unless you stand behind them. We do. We devote ourselves to serving our clients so we can keep our promises. That means accessible attorneys, prompt responses, and regular case updates. We like to think that our best service is that we bring real world business experience to your solutions. Rather than the legal tunnel vision of most lawyers, our attorneys can advise you on the business ramifications of every action you take. We are counselors in the truest sense of the word.

At Field and Goldberg, we believe that out clients are an essential part of our success and we are an integral part of out clients’ success. As such, we go out of our way to help our clients in any manner possible even if it is beyond the scope of our representation. For example, at Field and Goldberg we routinely help our clients find new business opportunities, find investors or simply provide leads to help our clients to assist them to meet their goals or desires.

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