Field and Goldberg, LLC is a boutique real estate law firm practicing exclusively in the areas of real estate taxation, real estate transactions, and real estate litigation.


Field and Goldberg represents many industrial buildings in the city and suburbs. Field and Goldberg provides a comprehensive analysis of a property’s current and past income and expense, reviews leases and analyzes sales prices of the subject property as well as comparable properties in the subject’s area. Field and Goldberg often delves deeper into a property’s financial statements than other firms so that we can find creative ways to enhance our client’s appeals. We also review a property’s purchase documents, such as, title policies and purchase contracts to determine if any hidden savings opportunities are available. We also review whether any environmental issues impact a property or if any remediation has occurred. If remediation occurs we take the time to learn what was done and how much it cost. At Field and Goldberg, we explore all avenues of relief to achieve the greatest savings for the longest period of time.

Field and Goldberg’s attorneys always vigorously represent our client’s interests at each and every level of the appeal process. Due to our years of experience, we have developed an outstanding relationship with all of the area’s assessing officials. Furthermore, due to our familiarity with the process and with local officials, we are often able to effectively leverage our creativity to achieve extraordinary results.

Unlike many firms, at Field and Goldberg we are not afraid to take our cases to Court and actually try the case if circumstances dictate. Our attorney’s have substantial litigation experience and have tried numerous cases. As such, we are ready and able to vigorously represent our client’s interests.

Field and Goldberg typically bills its clients on a contingent fee basis. As such, our clients usually pay us only if we are successful and therefore we are incentivized to succeed.

Field and Goldberg routinely contacts appraisers who will give our clients free preliminary estimates of value. If the appraiser’s can write appraisal reports that will be helpful, Field and Goldberg consults with our clients to determine if the client wants to engage the appraiser. In addition, we spend a great deal of time determining if a property was recently purchased whether the purchase was made under duress or was part of a tax free exchange and thus is not representative of a property’s true value. Field and Goldberg has successfully argued away purchase prices by investigating the circumstances related to the transaction that show a purchase was not truly a market purchase.

Field and Goldberg’s attorneys explore all possible avenues of relief and then will aggressively pursue a tax reduction irrespective of how difficult a situation may be. Field and Goldberg’s aggressive, creative tactics and years of experience representing premier properties, have allowed our firm to be successful when others have not. We are excited to attack your property’s challenging tax situation and prove that we can achieve outstanding results.

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