Field and Goldberg, LLC is a boutique real estate law firm practicing exclusively in the areas of real estate taxation, real estate transactions, and real estate litigation.


Field and Goldberg is an industry leader in the area of condominium and cooperative association appeals. Field and Goldberg’s attorneys aggressively represent hundreds of condominium associations and cooperatives and have done so for years. Our attorneys have successfully represented many of Chicago and the suburbs most prominent associations.

Field and Goldberg’s attorneys have been successful in tax appeals because we perform a thorough analysis of all possible real estate tax issues impacting an association. Typically, we review all sales that have occurred for the past three years and make adjustments for personal property as well as for statistical anomalies. We carefully review all statistical trends to determine if an avenue of relief is available beyond the typical basis of relief. Field and Goldberg creatively reviews our client’s properties to determine if non-traditional avenues of relief are available. Routinely, we analyze association’s current and past budgets and have extensive calls or meetings with association’s management or board members to determine if unusual facts are occurring that could enhance our appeal efforts. At Field and Goldberg, we believe the better our relationship is with our client, the more informed we are and thus the more successful our appeal will be.

Field and Goldberg typically reviews all condominium declarations and bylaws to determine if any tax saving opportunities are available due to common elements being assessed at or above $1. Field and Goldberg has often successfully reduced common elements, such as parking garages, party rooms or janitor’s units, to $1 and thus saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Field and Goldberg has also reviewed declarations and bylaws and determined that the Assessor has applied incorrect percentages of ownership to a property. Regardless of the issue, Field and Goldberg aggressively pursues all possible avenues of relief. Due to the fact that our fees are based upon a contingency, associations only pay us if we are successful.

Field and Goldberg also represents some of the city’s largest cooperatives. At Field and Goldberg, we apply the same thorough analysis applied to our condominiums, but we also utilize appraisers to help establish reasonable market values. We have found that the Cook County Assessing Authorities are receptive to appraisals for cooperatives where they are not receptive to appraisals for condominiums. As such, we routinely order preliminary estimates of value at no cost to our clients, to determine if relief is feasible. If relief is available based upon an appraisal, Field and Goldberg will consult with its client to determine if the client is willing to order an appraisal.

Field and Goldberg’s attorneys explore all possible avenues of relief and then will aggressively pursue a tax reduction irrespective of how difficult a situation may be. Field and Goldberg’s aggressiveness, creativity and years of experience representing premier association’s, have allowed our firm to be successful when others have not. We are excited to attack your association’s challenging tax situation and prove that we can achieve outstanding results.

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